LinearWAVE-Linear Collection- ON SALE

linear3$133.20 USD- ON SALE
Say HELLO to the #linearWAVE! This limited edition ruffled masterpiece is begging to be taken out for a spin. The centerpiece of this look is the dramamtic, oversized, sash-style ruffle that drapes from shoulder to hip. If vertigo and dizziness do not affect you, feel free to twirl. If you choose to remain stationary, they’ll still be impressed! This couture-style piece looks so good from every angle, random folk will be coming over for a closer look. Go ahead, WAVE them over and say, “It’s not me, it’s the dress!”
This light, breathable knitted fabric is custom made in Los Angeles. Although a lot of yardage is used to produce this piece, it is still seasonaly appropriate. Fabric has stretch to it. Do not use oversized hangers to store. DRY CLEAN ONLY.
The cut of the dress is straight, not fitted. The oversized sash-style ruffle drapes from left shoulder down to right side of hip. This ruffle covers the stomach and back area.

XS- 0/2
S- 4/Small 6
M- 6/8
L- 10/12
XL- 12/14
Source: Linear Collection | Product Page