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linear2$59.40 USD- ON SALE
Want instant gratification? Try the #linearINSTA. It’s the perfect throw & grow piece to add to your ever growing lineaR dress collection. Where can you go and look INSTA-ready? Pretty much anywhere in this new dress/cape/poncho combo. Get beach-ready in a second by tossing the INSTA over your existing sandy shore attire. Too lazy to get out of PJs on the way to carpool? The #linearINSTA will keep you covered. Tired of that basic midi you’ve been wearing all week? Slip the INSTA over your current garb to give your same old look a twist; just let the sleeves peek through. Speaking of slips, you don’t NEED to wear a dress underneath, if that’s not your thing. The #linearMIDI slip is the perfect acoutrement to the INSTA granting you a bit of extra coverage if you want it. Think of this cape as the perfect INSTA-ready pic for all your posting occasions. It’s the piece you’ll want this INSTANT. So, buy it NOW!!
The fabric is a very lightweight, breathable sweater knit fabric (perfect for transitioning into the spring/summer seasons). Turn inside out. Machine wash cold. Lay flat to dry. Fabric may shrink 1/2- 3/4 of an inch depending on your machine.
Model is 5’4 and wearing a size XS/S
This cape/poncho style dress has elbow length arm holes. It does not have sleeves. Arms are inserted through the opening in the side seam. The fit is loose to accommodate clothing underneath. While the model is not wearing the INSTA cape with a slip, if desired, a #linearMIDIslip can be worn beneath the garment to provide extra coverage. Try the #linearMIDIslip with sleeves for additional modest benefits!
XS/S: 0-small 6

M/L: 6-10 (armhole opening is an inch lower than xs/s to provide for a broader body build. Length is 1 inch longer and panels are 1/2 inch wider than xs/s)

XL: 12-14 (armhole opening is an inch lower than m/l to provide for an even broader body build. Length is 1 inch longer and panels are 1/2 inch wider than m/l)
Source: Linear Collection | Product Page