INVEST mocha/black combo-Linear Collection- ON SALE

linear13$39.00 USD- ON SALE
Is it a vest or a dress? Why can’t it be both? With the all new #linearINVEST, you can take this layering essential and wear it however you want! Throw on a cozy turtleneck and some leggings (or your PJs if you are short on time), keep it zipped and be out the door in seconds. Wear it unzipped with this season’s lineaR midis and maxis and be out the door is seconds too. It’s also perfect for those gals who want to cover up some of their curves. Plus, the luxurious boucle fabric is perfect for transitioning into your fall wardrobe. The #linearINVEST comes with a sturdy functional zipper and pockets so big, you may just wanna leave your purse at home!! (Dry cleaning is suggested)
Source: Linear Collection | Product Page