Duo Camel-Linear Collection-ON SALE

linear9$26.40 USD- ON SALE
Don’t be fooled by its name. There’s more than two ways to wear the DUO. This dress gets its moniker from the dual maxi length panels that cover over the midi length dress underneath. 1. Wear it as is for a classic maxi look from the front/ midi suprise from the side. 2. Belt the dress underneath the back panel and cover over the front panel with the front closure of your belt for a billowy cape-like effect. 3. Knot the front and back panels to one side to create a subtle drape that says, “I can go classic too, ya know?” 4. Only knot the front panel. It’s 4 in 1! Maybe I should’ve named it QUADRO… (This light gauzy rayon will shrink in a washing machine. Dry cleaning recommended.)
Source: Linear Collection | Product Page