About SpottedMod

Isn’t it annoying having to browse through hundreds of stores to find an outfit you like?  Isn’t it even more annoying trying to find an outfit that you like that is also modest?  I know.  I’ve been there.

I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The Jewish population here is not a large one…especially in terms of those who adhere to the rules of modest dress. As a child I would wear whatever I could find, even if it wasn’t the most fashion forward. This would include giant men’s t-shirts in the summer and the same skirt many, many days in a row. Thankfully today the fashion world has many options for us modest dressers. From retailers that you can find in your local mall to stores that only have physical locations in major metropolitan cities but that have great websites, modest shoppers like myself can now enjoy a plethora of amazing fashion options. Now I can dress modestly without compromising any of my love of fashion. So SpottedMod was born…

SpottedMod was created to make your modest clothes shopping experience much easier and a lot more fun.  I do all the browsing of the hundreds of stores for you and find the modest clothing that you are looking for.  I gather it all together and post it here so that SpottedMod can be your one stop modest outfit destination.  All the stores you already shop at (and hopefully some new ones for you to discover) all in one convenient place.  I’ll even offer suggestions on how to make the “almost” modest clothing, modest and wearable.

I also shop for sales so you can always be informed of the best deals around the net.  If you “spot” a sale item or know of modest outfits that should be on SpottedMod, please submit them to me.

How to use the site:

Shopping is fun so feel free to browse the site daily and check out our newest modest finds.

If you are looking for specific items such as dresses, skirts, or shirts, use our Advanced Search.

The Advanced Search allows you to be as specific as you want by choosing one or all of the following:

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You can also subscribe to be updated about all new items or even just the tags or categories that you are interested in.

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I hope you enjoy SpottedMod and would love it if you shared (sharing buttons in the top right corner) our site with all of your friends.  If there are specific items that you like, share them as well.  The more traffic I get, the more time I can put into finding you the best modest clothes.

Happy Shopping!!